Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Girly Collection!! (Happy May!)

I have been working on these cute and wacky looking girl heads which I hope you will all like them! :)
I will definitely make some more but for now these will do, right? teeeheee! I'm saving up to 20k so I can upload my own head which I'll showwww ya! ---

cute isn't it?
Happy May.. pinch punch first day of the month heeheee<3 thats old. paah. xD well, I better give you my lovely dovely shovely bubbly puddley heads. HERE!

I am completely happy if anyone would like to upload a head, please oh please if anyone asks something like 'who made your head?' say Kimo did, or give them the website to my site. you really don't need to change your status, although I will be quite touched! :D

Head Number 1::
  I quite like this one I think it's cuuute :)

Head Number 2::

 this one is pretty sweet too!! I'll be making all sorts now :)

that is all for today's. sorry there's only 2 I'll add to it soon though! Thanks for now, BYEEEEE

<3 Kimopoo

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